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enfield community asociationsEnfield Borough is home to over 330,000 residents. Many belong to their local residents’ association. FERAA is the body that represents the associations jointly, so increasing the leverage to achieve results.

On behalf of residents FERAA has campaigning for solutions to local problems for over 40 years. You can help us by joining your residents’ association.

Breaking News - Cycle Enfield still not achieved majority consent! It never will says FERAA.

Enfield Council is about to proceeed with the Green Lanes scheme - making the whole 5 mile road a bus lane with cycle track alongside: private and emergency vehicles will have to fit in between bus services. Most residents have not seen the plans in detail and will be stunned if it goes ahead.

This plan has been imposed by the Mayor of London on Enfield, and our roads will be the test bed for his grand scheme which he wants to extend to all London's 33 boroughs. He has not consulted anyone - he won't conduct London-wide consultations because his plans are so damaging they would be rejected. For certain.

Safe cycling in our view means using quiet roads and tracks, leading to schools, stations and shops. What families will not do is put their youngsters on a cycle path right alongside strings of heavy vehicles. How our councillors fail to see this reality is breathtaking. If there is little cycle take up the huge cost of this scheme will be for nothing.

FERAA camapigns to introduce councillors and officers to street level reality, and eschew the empty claims of lower pollution and economic benefit - none of these claims are verifiable, so can be dismissed as hyperbole.

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