The Federation of Enfield Residents’ & Allied Associations
Enfield Residents’ & Allied Associations

Who's who?

President Adrian Bishop-Laggett
Vice President


Chairman Peter Gibbs
Vice Chairman John Jewson
Secretary Robert Taylor
Treasurer Adrian Bishop-Laggett
Minute Secretary vacancy
Transport & Roads Robert Taylor
Health (see below)

John Jewson


Conservation Tony Dey
Parks Peter Gibbs
Crime & Safety Adrian Bishop-Laggett
Infrastructure vacancy
Environment vacancy
Planning Ann Bishop-Laggett

Health Sub-Committee

Chairman Peter Gibbs
  Tony Kingsnorth
  Ann Bishop-Laggett
  John Jewson

About Us

What the Federation does for Enfield residents

In January 1963, a federation of Enfield residents’ associations from the three former boroughs of Enfield, Edmonton and Southgate was created. This was before the new Borough Council of Enfield came into formal existence.

In April 1971 Alan Young, then the leader of Enfield Borough Council (EBC), called leaders of this Federation and the Federation of Civic Associations together and suggested that the two organisations amalgamate. There would then be one body to present its views to the local authority and be representative of a substantial number of residents and ratepayers (as they were then known).

Agreement was easily reached and the Federation of Enfield Residents’ and Allied Associations was formed. Affiliation is available to any properly constituted body of residents in the London Borough of Enfield which does not have a party political bias.

The Federation expands

In December 1979 EBC agreed to lease FERAA an office in the former Borough Valuer’s premises in Kimberley Gardens, Enfield. Subsequently the Federation used a room at All Saints church in Church Street, Enfield and later Community House.

In recent years, with the growth of electronic communication, the need for an office has diminished and FERAA has reverted to being run by its Managing Committee.

How FERAA operates

FERAA takes stock of its members interests, formulates policy and plans campaigns at regular meetings of delegates held in the Civic Centre. E-mail is the key means of rapid communication among affiliated associations between meetings. FERAA’s comprehensive web site has greatly improved communication with residents in the borough, and sets out the issues it seeks to resolve on their behalf.

FERAA's contacts

FERAA Committee Members regularly meet Enfield MPs, GLA representatives,leading borough councillors, council officers, and representatives from other bodies such as Transport for London, Thames Water, the Fire Brigade, NHS trusts, the Metropolitan Police Service, etc.

In addition FERAA delegates attend Area Forums, Scrutiny Panels, conservation bodies,and other gatherings where it is important that the views of a wide body of residents are made known. FERAA is also represented on all other relevant bodies in the borough.