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Enfield Residents’ & Allied Associations

Crime & Safety

FERAA works at several levels within the Borough to achieve better security arrangements for those that live, work and play here.

The nature of this work is not always suitable for public notification, but FERAA is always open to views that can add to its battery of representations.

FERAA passes on important information about crime, personal safety and security to its affiliated associations via its e-mail forum and this website.

Safer Neighbourhoods

This scheme was introduced to the Borough in 2004 and has covered the whole Borough since April 2006. It has greatly improved the way that the Metropolitan Police Service responds to the needs of residents at a local ward level. From the start, Enfield has been ‘ahead of the game’ in many respects, piloting the original scheme and refining it to meet the challenges presented by specific wards.

Further changes are now in prospect as a result of the current wave of budget cuts, but FERAA is closely involved with the changes, and the MPS is well aware of how important Safer Neighbourhoods Teams are to the community.

FERAA encourages community representatives from its affiliated associations to become involved in the work of their local Safer Neighbourhoods ward panel, which in Enfield is called a CAPE.

Safer Neighbourhood Board

The chairs of all the ward CAPEs and other groups form the Safer Neighbourhood Board (SNB) which meets every three months. FERAA is represented on the SNB and until May 2015 chaired the SNB and the Enfield Community Police Partnership that preceded it.

Crime & Safety and Stronger Communities Scrutiny Panel

This scrutiny panel looks at the work of the police and other connected agencies in the Borough and holds the Borough Commander and her Senior Management Team to account. The ECPP are represented on this scrutiny panel, directly influencing local police policy.

Enfield Police management

The police in Enfield are led by the Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Jane Johnson. She has senior officers covering various specialist areas whose details can be found on the MPS website. In addition to Enfield’s own resources the Borough Commander can call on specialst units that are dedicated to reducing all aspects of serious and specialist crime – see Specialist Crime Directorate.

FERAA works closely with the Borough Commander and her team in order to make sure that, as far as possible, policing arrangements match the needs of Enfield residents.

The way it is

Public perceptions of policing are often based on what used to happen many years ago, but modern policing methods are often more efficient and result in a quicker response. To some extent, the introduction of Safer Neighbourhoods has restored an element that the public missed – knowing, building a realtionship with, and learning to trust your local policeman and policewoman.

Part of the ‘old way’ was the police station. There are currently five police stations in the borough, not all of which are fit for purpose, lacking disabled access and modern facilities. Local police have identified Ponders End as one such station which is used as a base for staff but has no station office where the public can report crime. One way in which cuts to front-line staff can be avoided is by selling unwanted police premises, provided that staff can be relocated to other sites where they can provide the same service to the public. Contrary to public perception, this will not affect the way that the borough is policed..

We have also seen the abandonment of bus conductors and ‘the parkie’ in our local parks. The council works in partnership with the police and pays for specialised Safer Neighbourhoods teams to patrol the parks. It also provides funding for specialised Safer Transport teams to target anti-social behaviour and crime on our buses and at the major transport hubs. There are also dedicated police officers in the borough's secondary schools.

Links to further information

MPS for more about the Metropolitan Police Service. There is a great deal of information available.

Safer Neighbourhoods will take you straight to information about your local ward team