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Population Growth

This heading is perhaps misleading! FERAA's concern is that we are seeing a sharp increase in the population of Enfield which is the consequence of plans to build more homes in the borough. This in itself is not necessarily a problem, but it is vital that the growth in population is accompanied by the infrastructure needed to support it.

People need doctors (GPs), hospitals, schools, good public transport, places to meet, leisure facilities – some would argue that libraries and cinemas should also be on the list.

FERAA wants to see tighter controls on developers so that their undertakings to include this necessary infrastructure will not turn out to be empty promises. We also urge that money paid to the council by developers – the so-called Section 106 money – should be used in the affected area as intended and not become a central fund that can be used anywhere in the borough.

You will find more details about infrastructure campaigns under other headings such as Health and Public Transport.