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Why FERAA supports cycling but not CYCLE ENFIELD

published on: 03/11/15



The confused and confusing traffic abatement project that still thinks it’s a cycle scheme - at £41m cost to the public

What’s the idea?

The original strategic objective was to boost cycling 5 fold, but it’s now been highjacked by our cash-strapped council for regeneration schemes it cannot otherwise afford. The design is being steered by the GLA specifically to drive private cars off the street; cycle safety is now a by-product.

So is there a problem?

In a nutshell, the majority of the community will suffer loss of amenity on the roads for minimal gains in cycling security. That doesn’t make sense and we reject it. We want a cycle scheme that benefits the wider community.


Two things, both easy:.

  1. Write to your local councillor objecting, and saying you cannot understand how the Council could proceed with such an inappropriate scheme.


Email addresses of all councillors at:


  1. Get onto the Cycle Enfield website where you will find a consultation button:

Go to the Town Centre page.

Log on, no need to give more than basic personal details.

Decline options 1 and 6

Write in the dialogue box that you prefer option 4 because it causes less damage to the town and routes cyclists along Cecil Rd, leaving Church St and Cecil Rd unchanged. More details on Option 4 are elsewhere on the site.

Then make sure all your friends and anyone using the town centre gets on and votes the same way.      

We have to make sense of this scheme or residents will not believe what our weak council is about to dump on their doorsteps.




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